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Publishing Programme


Wellington's  Northern Suburbs 1849 -1918, published in 1983. This is now out of print but an online copy is available on the Wellington City Recollect Site here. Copies are in our library and can be read at KATE any Sunday afternoon during visiting hours, 1-4 pm. Copies are also available at the local WCC libraries.

Wellington's Northern Suburbs 1919 - 1945 published in 1987. Copies are available at KATE or by mail order, price: $30.00.  An online copy is available on the Wellington City Recollect Site here

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Available for sale | Use our contact form to request a copy

The Onslow Historian

Since the early 1970s OHS has published a regular journal, The Onslow Historian. An index to 2010 was published in 2011 - see below.  Copies are distributed to all members free of charge (cost is included as part of their membership fee). Additional copies are available for sale at $10 each plus $7.40 postage (NZ Post, "Sealed Air Jiffy Mail Life" mailer, tracked) by contacting us through our contact form. They can also be viewed at KATE or online below.

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