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Our Home

Our centre is at 86 Khandallah Road, in the original Khandallah Automatic Telephone Exchange building (hence the name KATE). We moved here in the early 1990s after challenging the Post and Telegraph Department, who wanted to demolish the building when the modern Exchange, the adjoining building, was opened in 1984. We won that battle and saved the building, having researched and established its historical significance, ensuring registration with NZ Historic Places Trust (now Heritage NZ) and special heritage listing with Wellington City Council.

KATE has a large meeting room that can accommodate, and seat, an audience of 50 people. We have a screen and projector. There is good lighting throughout the building, a reception area and a place for coats and umbrellas, a furnished kitchen, a toilet and wash room, all with wheelchair access. Parking is available on Khandallah Road and we are close to Simla Crescent Station and the local bus service.


The main room contains a large collection of hundreds of printed black and white photographs, arranged in suburban order in large metal filing cabinets, and a library that includes books, pamphlets and booklets. There are silver trophies on display, inscribed with the names of local residents who took part in competitive sport and garden club activities. These are rare and valuable collections. Exhibition art works are featured on the walls with descriptive captions.

Open hours at KATE

OHS minders open KATE each Sunday, 1pm to 4pm. Other times can be requested for private viewings and research enquiries.

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