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Welcome to Onslow Historical Society!

The Onslow Historical Society Inc was established in 1968. Founder President, the late R.J.(Bob)  Meyer of Johnsonville, persuaded friends and historically minded people in the district to join with him to create a group dedicated to acknowledging local heritage and history. Over 50 years we built membership to around 300, in our golden years, and have researched, recorded, conserved and promoted our local stories and major historical events. We have supported restoration projects, the registration of significant buildings, created a publishing programme and built a large and significant community archive.

Our Next Event


Wednesday 29 May 7:30 pm for 7:45 pm at KATE Onslow Historical Centre.

Followed by Guest Speaker, Vivienne Morrell "Settlers Clearings: Making a new home on Wellington's country acres in the 1840s and 1850s".

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The front façade of the Khandallah Automatic Telephone Exchange, 86 Khandallah Road, Wellington, 2015. It is the second oldest Exchange, of its type, to have survived in New Zealand and is now a Heritage NZ registered building. It was designed by Government architect, J. Campbell in 1918. The American Western Electric Company rotary automatic equipment was installed in June 1922. Khandallah resident, J. N. Wallace was the project engineer.

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